Reports allow you to add experiments, facts, insights, and recommendations, along with text, images, and videos to create contextual reports you can share.

Tell a story

Use test, images, and video, to tell a story about your research.

Keep a record of your project as it develops and help people understand the decisions you are making.

Save time

It's so quick to collect together research and add information.

Instead of having to pull out quotes and findings to support your insights, viewers can click right through and browse at their leisure.

Always up-to-date

As evidence is discovered and insights or recommendations evolve your report is kept up-to-date as well. 

The ability to publish - to freeze knowledge in a moment of time, but allow viewers to toggle - will be released soon.


Share with stakeholders in a click. If they dont have an account already the system will do that for you and deliver to them a secure link that brings them right in.


Custom filters allow the whole organisation to be able to discover and benefit from your reports.


Many hands make light work, so let your colleagues help you compose your report by making them an author and working together.